Monday, April 26, 2010

I hate to say it but...

I'm done. No, not done as in I've completed my 75 miles, but done as in I need to hang up my hat for the next couple of days. Yes, I'm "giving up" so to say, but I actually feel really good about it. I made the mistake of allowing myself to postpone some of my running days (way back when I went back to college for the weekend), and it messed me up for the rest of the month. Once I did it one time, I told myself I could do it more often than I really should've. So now I'm left with my last week of April, and 38 miles to go. On Saturday night, I planned out how many miles I was going to do for the next couple of days in order to reach my goal, and it required me waking up every morning at 530 to run at least 4 miles, plus going to the gym after work to run another (at least) 3. I told myself at first that I didn't care what it took, I can hurt myself now because I can recover later, but I wasn't going to fail at this. I was so determined to not let everyone down that I literally would run more than my body is capable of in a day. When I got home from work today, I seriously thought about what I was going to be putting my body through in the next week and I realized it just wasn't worth it. Am I a little sad that I didn't make my goal? Of course. But I still ran more miles this month than any other month this year.

So, I'm going to start fresh on Saturday (May 1st) and do my 75 miles, the right way. But for now, I'm going to enjoy going to the gym to do things other than run. I'm going to do whatever I want tomorrow, go back to cardio kickboxing on Wednesday (yay!) and I'm going to do spinning on Thursday. I'm going to take the DAY OFF on Friday without feeling guilty, and will start nice and fresh on Saturday morning.

Until next time...

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