Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Warning: This Post May Have Too Much Information!

The gym that I belong to now is the first one that I have worked out in other than the gym at college. Now I went to a very small school, and the gym was definitely a reflection of how small my school really was. We had 4 treadmills, 5 ellipticals, and 4 bikes, and there was no guarantee that they would all be working on any given day. We were lucky enough to have a track indoors, but overall, this gym was not ideal. However, I didn't know any different, because I had never been to any other gym in my life.

Moving to New York City, of course the gyms are going to be a lot bigger. So when I joined the gym closest and most convenient to me, I was extremely overwhelmed. The one I belong to is one of the top 3 biggest gyms by this company in the city. Although it is nice to have so many options of machines, it has taken me a very long time to get used to all this gym has to offer, and all of the different types of people that I have encountered.

I think the one thing that I haven't gotten used to yet is the locker room. Now, boys, I know that in the movies it portrays girls' locker rooms as places where women walk around naked or with towels barely draped over them...well guess what...that's exactly what the locker room at my gym is like. It is completely disturbing to me. I am not one to walk around naked anywhere, even in my own apartment when my roommate isn't around, so it is crazy to me that women can so openly walk around with everything hanging out. Let me backtrack for a second though. Even though women are walking around naked, it doesn't mean that these women have "perfect" bodies that you see in the movies. A lot of them have stomach rolls, cellulite, and various other imperfections that at first I was kind of thrown off, and disturbed, to see. But after really thinking about it, they are saying a big "f you" to the media and magazines saying only a certain body type should be shown off. So at the risk of getting too sociological on you all, as disturbing as this is to me to have naked women walking around in front of me, if they are confident enough in their bodies then power to them!

Today was every man's fantasy though. I walked into the locker room and there were about 4 very skinny women openly changing in front of each other. Most of the time I just go on with my business, put my stuff in my locker and head out for my workout. This time, one woman did something that I actually couldn't believe. She put on her underwear, and started walking around the locker room topless. She then approached a mirror, and began applying makeup, TOPLESS! She stood at the mirror for about 5 minutes, looking at her face and applying makeup appropriately, almost as if she was fully clothed. Then she walked over to her clothes and put the rest of them on. Now that right there is where I draw the line. Do you really think your boobs look that good that you feel the need to flaunt them in front of an entire room of women? I am not okay with this.

Once I got over (what I felt was) an extremely offensive locker situation, I got on my treadmill and got started with my run. I just recently bought a new pair of shorts that are a size too big, so I was actually pretty nervous that they were going to be uncomfortable while I ran. I made sure to tie them very tightly, so there was no possibility of them falling down. I got about .15 of a mile into my run, when all of a sudden (here comes the TMI part), I realize that my underwear are slowly falling off of me. I try to subtly pull them up and try to save them from completely falling off, and it works for about a minute before they start to slip down again. It got to the point where my underwear had completely come off of my butt and were basically just hanging out on my legs. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by mirrors so I could tell that no one else knew what was going on, but I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to finish my run in this way. I had to stop after running .25 of a mile so I could go to the (now dreaded) locker room to take off my underwear. So yes, I had to finish my run going commando, and couldn't help but think how ironic it was that I had just criticized someone in the locker room for not having on undergarments, and here I am, running sans panties.

Despite the wardrobe malfunction, I was able to run my 3 miles, and I am now getting back on track. I think I'm going to start making myself do "double sessions" in the morning and at night to get my miles in and really get back to where I should be. We'll see if that actually happens, but it's a thought!

27 down/48 to go!

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  1. I used to feel that way too about locker rooms and I think it's part of what made me open up...realizing that we all have 'em, why hide 'em (that being said, this really only applies to same sex locker rooms, and I'm never gonna be the topless girl putting on her makeup).