Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So Wednesday is my cardio kickboxing day. I started taking classes at college, tried them out at my gym here, and now I am completely hooked. When I was in class today though, I noticed that there are a couple of different types of people that take these large group gym classes.

1. The person with the "I'm better than everyone here" attitude. That's usually the girl who is front row center, and is over exaggerating every move to try to prove that she is tougher, better, and more coordinated than everyone else. She is constantly trying to make it known that she has been to this class before, either by going one step ahead of the instructor or being the "model" when the instructor is trying to explain the next move, even without being asked.

2. The girl that is at the class so she can look at herself in the mirror. You can usually point these people out before you even walk into the exercise room. They are the girls with the perfectly straight hair put into a perfect pony tail, with the tight pink workout shirt and black leggings who make sure they are showing just enough stomach to show everyone how skinny they are without just wearing a sports bra. The second they walk into the room they look at themselves in every mirror and at every angle. During the class, not only do they watch themselves in the mirror, but they make pouty faces (think Paris Hilton) at themselves while they work out.

3. The 2 girls who came together to try a new work out, but don't actually want to be there. These girls were the most annoying in my class today. For the last 5 minutes of class, we did a couple of strength training things to help work out our legs a little more. Everyone in the class was silent, exhausted from a long workout and trying to concentrate on their form. But of course there are the two girls next to me who have decided to basically give up on the class and talk about their plans for this weekend...a little too loud to be comfortable. It would be one thing if the music was loud or other people were talking, but the instructor put the music low for a reason, and to be honest, I don't really care what bar you want to go to so that you will "coincidentally" run into your crush.

4. "Space Invaders"- These people are the worst. Absolute worst. The instructor for the class I take is so good that we have to sign up a day in advance in order to get a spot in the room. There are 35 spots, which gives people more than enough room to have some space to move around. Not only do we have to move around, but there is kicking involved in a KICKboxing class. However, there are still those people who decide to stand a little too close to you so you feel like every move you make you are either going to punch them in the face or kick them in the groin. I always have to do that awkward move-while-doing-jumpingjacks so that I can have my own space, and thats never easy. So if you're going to take a class that involves a lot of moving around, look around you and make sure you have enough room to kick and punch the air without risking knocking someone out. Thanks. :)

5. The girl that's always one step behind. Now this isn't awful, and I've definitely been that person before because sometimes the combinations that the trainers decide to teach aren't the easiest, but in this case I'm referring to that one girl that is ALWAYS one step behind. Either that, or she is using the wrong foot or hand. Look around for a second, and think about what you're doing. If you see everyone else using their right hand, use your right hand. If you can't figure out your left from your right, put your thumbs out and your index fingers up. The hand that makes an L is your left hand, the one that doesn't is your right. Study that for next week. Thanks.

6. The girl that just doesn't listen. Now this is hard as well because a lot of times the music is pretty loud and the instructor isn't always that articulate, but that's another reason why this guy is so good. He yells at everyone and keeps it fast paced so that we're never resting and we're always moving. However, there's always those people who aren't paying attention to what we're actually doing and they either dance in place the entire hour or are still doing jumping jacks when we are working on a combination. Pay attention! It will only benefit you in the long run!

Although these types of people annoy me at group classes, they definitely make the class interesting and keep me thinking about things other than the fact that my legs burn and I can't wait to eat some ice cream :) I'm hoping for a good story about one of them next week!

I ran 2 miles after my class today, and I must admit it was completely brutal, but I was completely determined to get to 20 miles today, and I did it!! I know that this coming week I probably won't get to 20 because I have a lot going on, but I will definitely try my best to run as much as I can :)

20 miles down/55 to go!!

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